In 1970, Jay Morrell purchased a small ready mix plant in rural Minnesota. Though this plant is no longer a part of the JME business, it serves as a reminder of where the company once was, how far it has come, and to a certain degree, how it wants to stay. Today, JME Companies consists of over twelve different operations, including five concrete production plants, two aggregate facilities, a sales and distribution center, and separate transport, snow plow, maintenance, and roll-off dumpster divisions. In the middle of it all, Jay and his immediate family – all active owners of the company – continue to expand the organization with modesty and a genuine concern for the legacy of JME. Even though the size and the scope may have changed, customer service, hard work, and quality products continue to be the cornerstones of Jay Morrell’s business – just like they were with that first small plant.

When it comes to changing size and scope, the biggest difference has been the technology that is now incorporated into those five concrete production plants. These plants began with the sole purpose of serving the ready mix needs of their respective communities, and they did so with success for many decades prior to becoming a part of JME. However, through reinvestment in current, state-of-the-art technologies, they are now able to handle the additional duties of producing multiple types of concrete masonry units as well as JME’s own line of retaining wall blocks (LondonStone), paving stones (LondonPaver), and 1-ton gravity wall units (LondonBoulder). All of these products are sold throughout greater Minnesota and the surrounding five-state region, making JME a leader in concrete products for building and landscape architecture. And with innovative proprietary products such as LondonLites, Rugged LondonStone, and the LondonStep they are – as their tag line would indicate – “a step ahead of the rest.”

As a family owned, midwestern company, the folks at JME understand that the formula for success is best defined by the customer. In that spirit, JME Companies plan to continue its growth by acquiring other companies and adding new products to better serve those customers. Its future will depend, as it always has, on God’s will and the quality employees who built it.