The following are highlights of JME Companies portfolio of operations:

Concrete Products of New London, established in 1937 was one of the few outstate modernized plants of that time. In 1991, under JME ownership, the plant was renovated and the product line was expanded including its own retaining wall, Londonstone. In 2003, the entire production line was replaced with the latest concrete products manufacturing equipment including automated color, controlled color blending, Columbia CPM30 with handling line, automated cubing line, and curing system upgrades.

Other physical expansion included storage for over 150,000 eight-inch concrete masonry units and an aggregate pit. Through an emphasis on quality production and building long term relationships with its customers, the product demand requires production 24 hours per day, six days per week, throughout the entire year.

Alexandria Concrete was founded in the late 1930’s. It was purchased by JME in 1986. Through similar efforts, the plant grew adding its own aggregate operation in 1991. In 2000, the entire block productions equipment including the curing rooms, were replaced with the latest Columbia Machine offered. New product lines such as concrete pavers were added, as this highly efficient machine opened up more production time.

Concrete of Morris (CMI), Wadena Ready Mix, and an affiliate company, Hutchinson Concrete are the remaining production plants of JME. These ready mix plants also had been in business for over fifty years prior to their purchase, with the exception of Hutchinson Concrete. Hutchinson Concrete is a brand new facility, built in 2000. All of the ready mix plants are equipped with Command Data computerized batching and are MNDOT certified.

JME Corporate Headquarters is located in Monticello. This facility also includes: JME transport, maintenance and snow plowing divisions, as well as Monticello Block.

The Transport Division hauls bulk cementitious products for its own plants as well as other concrete product plants throughout the state.

The Maintenance Division services the companies’ over 250 vehicles and outside company work, as well.

The Snow Plowing Division, specialized in commercial lots as it is equipped with the necessary front-end loaders, end dumps and tandem plow and sand trucks to handle prompt and complete service.

Monticello Block is the sale and distribution division, which serves it’s rapidly growing customer base in the metropolitan market.