Roll Off Dumpster Rental – MN

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“Serving our customers at their convenience”

JME’s over 750 roll off dumpster containers can be found on job sites throughout the Twin Cities and central Minnesota.  Serving both residential and commercial customers with 10 yard, 20 yard and 30 yard roll off dumpster containers, JME has a reputation for prompt and courteous service.  Our dedication to our customers’ needs is evident by our motto, “Serving our customers at their convenience!”

JME is a strong proponent of recycling.  After being picked up at our customer’s job site, our roll off dumpster containers are brought to our transfer station where all recyclable or reusable materials are separated out.  Remaining materials are brought to C & D Landfill, another JME company that was opened in 2011.

Roll Off Dumpster Containers:  Acceptable / Unacceptable Materials


Improper concrete wash out in a dumpster will be upcharged a minimum of $350.

If you have questions about materials that can or cannot be put in our roll off dumpster containers, please call our office.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency sets strict guidelines on waste management that all waste haulers must comply with.  Containers found to contain unacceptable material may be rejected or subject to additional charges for removal and disposal.

Customers are responsible for the contents of their roll off dumpster container, even if someone else disposes of an item without permission. Take measures to secure your roll off dumpster container to prevent illegal dumping. JME recommends planning your project so that you have a roll off dumpster container on site for as little time as possible.

Load Limits

Maximum weight limit is 9-ton.  Roll off dumpster containers weighing more than 9-ton will be subject to additional charges and/or rejected until such time as the load is lightened.

Debris in container should not extend above the top of the container.

Time Limit

Dumpsters are placed for a maximum of three weeks unless other arrangements are made.  Containers on job sites for longer periods are subject to rental charges.

Service Requests

To provide the best possible service to our customers, JME Roll-Off requests a 24-hour advance notice for service.  Please be sure container is accessible, that all items are removed from around container and no vehicles are parked in the way of the truck.  If truck arrives at jobsite and container is not accessible, a no-access fee will apply.

Damage Disclaimer

JME Roll Off drivers will make every effort to place roll off dumpster container, on boards, where customer designates on jobsite.  Customer assumes all responsibility for damages resulting to property when box is placed as per their instruction.  This includes damage to driveways, sidewalks, lawns, trees and shrubs.  Containers will not be placed on black top without customer assuming full responsibility for damages. 

Here is a list of common cities in MN we often deliver our roll off dumpsters to:

Big Lake
Elk River
St. Cloud
Maple Grove
St. Paul
Cold Spring
Coon Rapids
Waite Park