Pre-Colored Decorative Concrete Units

Section includes: 04200-unit masonry information specific to pre-colored decorative units and its Installation. Related work specified in other sections – Section 09880 Protective Coating for Concrete. (Recommended water repellent, TK Products – Tri Siloxane, Recommended coverage, one coat: 65 square feet per gallon).

Provide pre-colored decorative concrete masonry units as manufactured and supplied by JME Companies. All pre-colored concrete masonry units shall conform to ASTM C-90-00.

The general contractor and/or masonry contractor, using good masonry practices, shall install pre-colored decorative concrete masonry units. All cutting shall be performed with power tools to provided straight and true edges. For raked joint applications, mortar color should match the machine made score. (Raked joints are not recommended for exterior applications). On exterior wall applications, all joints should be tucked and tooled.

Cleaning Colored Masonry

Rock Face 
In all cases, extreme caution should be taken to avoid any unnecessary deposits of mortar on the face of the masonry units. Please keep in mind the product surface is the finished surface.

If it becomes necessary to clean deposits of mortar from the face of the masonry units, the best method is to use water and a stiff brush before the mortar has had a chance to cure and rigidly bond itself to the unit. If this method is not successful, a weak solution of water and common laundry detergent (1/2 cup per 5-gallon bucket of water) may be used along with a stiff brush. In any event, the wall should be soaked with water before cleaning is undertaken. A diluted solution (20 to 1 mixture) of Vanatrol or Sure Klean 600 may be used for cleaning colored Rock Face units. However, it is recommended that a sample wall panel be erected, cleaned with low-pressure fanned spray, (< 50 psi on application, < 300 psi on rinse) and approved prior to construction. It is very important to note that any commercial masonry cleaning solution, even if properly applied, may alter the final appearance of the wall.

Smooth Face
All smooth face colored units should be cleaned with an industrial strength masonry cleaner to remove any surface staining that may occur during production. (A diluted solution of Vabatrol or Sure Klean 600 is recommended). This method of cleaning may alter the final appearance of the wall. A sample wall panel should be erected, cleaned with a low-pressure fanned spray application (not to exceed 100 psi) and approved prior to construction.

Pre-Colored Mortar

Mortar color shall be supplied by block manufacturer, to ensure consistency with colored units.