Concrete Evaporation App Link

The Link Below will give the weather report and tell contractor what the evaporation rate is so he can make proper adjustments for curing at the site. Note that you may need to allow popups to get it to work. Just click the Link below and agree to the terms and click on “enter zip code” and hit submit and the info will appear

Evaporation Report:

Quality Assurance

A. Manufacturer Qualifications: Concrete shall be supplied by State Department of Transportation Certified plants with certified personnel. Plants shall be equipped with aggregate, microwave, moisture probes to account for free water in aggregate, ensuring consistency in color and slump. In addition, delivery trucks shall be equipped with slump gauges to further ensure consistency.

B. Acquire cement and aggregate from same source for all work.

C. Use adequate numbers of skilled craftsmen who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the colored, stamped, textured and exposed concrete, and are completely familiar with the methods needed for proper performance.

Concrete Materials

A. Cement: Portland Type 1, ASTM C-150, from one manufacturer

B. Fly Ash: Type C, ASTM C618

C. Slag: ASTM C989

D. Fine and Course Aggregate: ASTM C-33

1. Use 3/4” maximum size, crushed granite or other Class A, for all exterior decorative concrete

E. Water: Clean and not detrimental to concrete

Admixtures: Air Entraining: ASTM C260, Water Reducing: ASTM C494

Colored Concrete

Color shall be integral with concrete, except for staining or antiquing, and shall be synthetic, containing no carbon.

Curing and Sealing Compounds

A. Curing compound: VOC compliant, ASTM C-309, designed to cure concrete leaving a membrane for use on exterior concrete. Acceptable products; 2519 DCWB, Dissipatin Cure/Water based by TK Products

B. Siloxane sealer shall be applied on all exterior concrete after 28 days. Acceptable products; Tri-siloxane by TK Products. Where exposed aggregate concrete is scheduled, use “Bright Kure & Seal” by TK Products.

Decorative Concrete Mixes

Use Min 28 day psi water/cementitious max. slump air 
Exterior 4000 .45 4″ 6% 
Interior 4000 .52 4″ –

Tolerances would be + or – 1 on slump and air, however, all loads must be the same to ensure consistency of color, texture, and finish.

Mix design for stamped concrete shall be “StampCrete” by JME Companies.